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Siyah Gül

      Siyah Gül is my first achievement. Before this fantasy novel I wrote, I had tried to write two murder novels. But it wasn't successful, so I couldn't finish it. This novel, which I started during the time of Corona, became a light for me, it did not leave me empty in quarantine. I gave him my everything and he gave me everything. I am happy with my work and the most exciting and important thing for me is that I planned it as a series. I would very much like to write a sequel and continue this book, which I completed in one year with the same effort. I hope I have a chance to publish it one day and share it with those who may be interested. For those who are wondering, I will talk about the book here, I hope you will be interested and help me make a dream come true. This is the biggest reason why I started this site, because I went through a process, to share what I learned with those who love to write...

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