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"There was no plan, but you weren't there either." "You don't have to do this!" He smiled, pointing the bloody knife at my face. "There was a reason for you to come here." I wiped the cold sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand as he approached me.

Yawning, I realized how exhausting the day had been. I checked the time. '21:32'... Despite not being very late, I felt incredibly tired. Adjusting my reading glasses, I turned to the next page. I ignored the dry and unattractive ink left on my hands by the newspaper. As I continued reading, I saw the news of a body found not far from here. I involuntarily brushed off the shiver that ran through me. Meanwhile, I heard a loud, heavy sound coming from the opposite wall. I approached the door cautiously, taking measured steps. As I peered through the keyhole, I noticed the staff woman passing by. I laughed at my paranoia and returned to bed. Another noise caught my attention, and I quickly got up from bed. I glanced around and then at the illuminated lamp... How long had I been sleeping? I checked the time, '1:30'. After hearing the same sound a few more times, I rushed to the door. What was happening? I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. I looked through the keyhole and saw the staff woman and the waiter. They were talking to each other and carrying something to the cleaning cart. "This is the third one this year... God's love for us keeps growing every day." "I'm starting to feel closer to him..." The waiter smiled gratefully. "Don't you feel the same?" They laughed genuinely, and before they left, I had a chance to see what they were carrying. I took a step back as I saw the scene. I couldn't stop the shiver running through my body. I tried to think, but all that came to mind were bloody pieces of skin. Slowly, I walked back towards the door, maybe I had seen it wrong... They were moving away with the cleaning cart, and blood was dripping from the edge of the hanging towels. I quickly grabbed my phone from the top of the bed and watched through the keyhole to see what they were doing. When I noticed that they had turned the corner, I wasted no time and left the room. As I was about to go to the right, I noticed that the door of the adjacent room was open. There was such a foul smell that I found myself entering the room. The sight before me froze me in place. I had never seen so much blood in one place in my life. I desperately wanted what I saw to be just a dream, but it wasn't.

My heart, eager to escape, reminded me of that every second. There had been a murder right next to me, and the fact that this massacre was intended for just one person made it even more brutal. Moreover, the fact that the perpetrators were describing it with a smile chilled my blood. There had been a murder in the room next to mine... I had to get out of here. I left the room and started running. As I turned the corner, I came face to face with someone else. Did he even realize how terrifying he looked with that smile on his face? I took a shaky breath. He held a bloody knife in his hand. He tilted his head, as if mimicking my actions, trying to understand me. The look in his eyes was so unfamiliar, as if I was facing a monster. The smile on his face resembled that of a child who had found one more flower to bring to his mother. He seemed excited and impatient... He slowly pointed upwards. "He's the one who brought you here. Why shouldn't he take you back the way you came?" "What?" I couldn't understand. Was this the embodiment of some belief? Or was it an impulse brought on by anger? "Everyone brought here has a reason to be delivered to him." He spread his hands apart. "He brought you here because you are just as bad as the others..." What he said was absurd. I shook my head from side to side. "I'm not a bad person," I said, my voice trembling. Who could say such a thing? Who could determine whether I was good or bad? Me, this man, or the one above? "I haven't harmed anyone," I said firmly. "I'm not the one judging you... I'm just a messenger." He took a step towards me, and I stepped back. "He didn't bring me here." I raised my hands as if to say 'don't come closer'. He laughed and continued talking. "How do you know?" He yelled impatiently. "Tell me, how do you know?" I held my breath. I hesitantly opened my mouth, and the words came out as if I were certain of them. "How do you know?" His smile slowly disappeared, and he took another step towards me. In response, I retreated. I chuckled nervously as I looked around. "You don't know..." He shook his head from side to side. "I am a man of God. Do you think those voices in my head belong to someone else?" I couldn't find anything to say. He kept getting closer to me. "You are just as bad as them, and deep down, you know it!" I took a trembling breath as I looked around. Were the encounters and events I had witnessed making me a creature undeserving of salvation, just like him? According to this deranged man, did I deserve to die just as much as anyone else? Maybe I was believing him because the fear of death was clouding my judgment... Perhaps the answer was hidden in the eyes of the monster standing before me. As I searched for the answer in his eyes, I clung to the sharp pain I felt in my abdomen. Meanwhile, he leaned closer to my ear.

"Did you find the answer?"


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