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I have had an interest in writing since I was little. I started reading properly with the Percy Jackson series. Since then, reading has become a fun activity and an escape route for me. During this time, I realized that I also enjoy writing. I especially enjoyed the weird horror stories. It was thanks to the Scooby Doo cartoons I watched as a kid and still watch, and the Agatha Christie novels I read later. Later, the genres I read and watched expanded to include what I said, and my writing process began. 

My primary and secondary school writing adventure

            During these times, I realized that I was picturing the scenes in the books I was reading and the events in my head and producing new scenarios in addition to these. Actually, it was a lot of fun for me to dream and produce scenarios that continue in my head outside of my ordinary life. But not many people knew this. However, as I got older, I remember getting together with friends and reading Wattpad. I've tried a few custom stories with Wattpad, but haven't published any of them. I just showed it to the school counselor and a few friends. When they said they were beautiful, I began to write even more enthusiastically. It has become a passion for me. Before I went to high school, I tried a novel, but I left this detective novel, which I started without any preparation, in a short time. This was the first lesson I learned about writing novels.

My writing adventure in high school

             My first year at Notre Dame de Sion high school, I participated in Saint Benoit's fantasy story competition. I was pleased to receive the honorable mention, but later on I only participated in a competition once more. Because what I realized at the awards ceremony was that people's writing was incomparable. To me, that was and still is a subjective interpretation. I thought it was useless and futile to compare what one person wrote with another, and I still think so. The more our personalities are different and incomparable, the more incomparable the things we write seem. Writing our thoughts and selves is a special and fascinating process. 

      After winning this award in the preparatory class, my belief in myself and my good writing increased even more. In ninth grade, I decided that I wanted to be a writer, but that decision changed at the end of that year. I won't talk about it here because it doesn't matter. I attended the creative writing course given by Murat Gülsoy in Boğaziçi, the things I learned here were valuable. As I learned that what I was doing was right, I also gained new information. I attended the same workshop at school. I started writing stories and experimenting myself. Except for my literature teachers, family, and close friends, no one knew that I wrote, and I was happy with it. 

       I decided to write my second detective novel during the Covid period. After my first attempt, I felt knowledgeable and ready. I planned everything in the book. Every detail... But then I realized that my desire to write was blocked in all my planning. Because I was only interested in 'plotting' for a few months. This was the second lesson I learned. 

      After a while we had more than enough free time in quarantine. I was inspired for the first time in a long time, based on the TV series and movies I watched. This time I started my third novel. This was not a detective novel. It was a fantastic novel. I did the necessary research and tried not to keep this process long. A year later I succeeded, I finished my first novel. I decided to write this book as a series and that's how I developed a 'plot'. I'm still in the process of publishing this book, but I've learned a few things during this time and continue to learn. My writing process is not over yet and I hope it will continue to develop for a long time. 

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